When to choose gres and when to choose porcelain tiles

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Both materials can be used in a multitude of projects, although they also have their own peculiarities.

One of the first decisions a home renovator or a professional who needs tiles for an interior design or decoration project has to make is whether to choose gres or porcelain.

It is an important choice, since it can condition the appearance that the material will have or how it will be placed in our home or in our business: Getting it right will depend on our budget, our tastes and our needs.

To begin with, it is important to make it clear that they are both high quality materials and, even though they are very similar, they also have many differences.

  • Ceramic gres are made from red clays, which are more porous than white clays and offer excellent value for money.
  • Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are made from white clays, which undergo a much more demanding refining and purification process.

    This process, together with its technical characteristics, makes it a denser material, less porous and with less moisture absorption.

These characteristics will determine which material we should choose for our project:

  • When we are looking for a material with a lower cost. In this case, gres is the clear winner. Both its manufacturing and installation costs are lower, so it is the right material when our budget is tight.

    Nevertheless, reducing the cost does not imply less quality, as these are also materials that can be used in the interior design of a building.
  • When we are looking for a unique material for interiors. If we want tiles for inside a home or business, both gres and porcelain tiles are equally suitable.
  • When we need exterior tiles. In this case, porcelain tiles come out on top. Its reduced porosity makes it the most suitable material for places where we can find rain or snow and ice.

    In fact, if we are looking for the same material for indoors and outdoors, porcelain tiles should also be our first choice.
  • If we only need a wall tiling. When we are only looking for tiles to decorate a wall in a home or commercial premises, gres is more than enough. By its nature, a wall tiling does not require as much resistance as a floor, so gres tiles will do the job.
  • If we are looking for large formats. Larger sizes, even over 2 m in length, are only available in porcelain tiles. On the other hand, if we are satisfied with conventional size pieces, we can choose tiles of both types of material.

Each material is therefore suitable for a particular type of project, but if both materials are suitable, the decision will depend on the cost or appearance of the collections available in both porcelain and gres.

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