The best combinations for marble-look ceramics

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They will depend on whether we are looking to generate more contrast or to create harmonious spaces.

Marble is one of the favourite ‘skins’ of ceramics. As the industry is able to faithfully reproduce the materials it represents, ceramic marbles are becoming more realistic and also more popular.

Ceramic takes from marble its classic and avant-garde look and gives it all the technical properties of tiles, with very easy maintenance, high resistance and extraordinary versatility. That is why many professionals and private individuals see in these collections an opportunity to bring marble into their homes or businesses.

However, combining marble correctly can be complicated if we are not clear about what we are looking for in the decoration: harmony or contrast.

  • Marble combinations for harmonious interiors

When our intention is to create balanced and elegant interiors, our main bet will be marbles in light tones, such as white, light grey or cream tones.

If we are looking to combine it with another material, or with another type of ceramic, wood can be a perfect ally to help us generate a sophisticated and natural interior at the same time.

A combination of wood and marble is perfect not only for kitchens and bathrooms, but can also be a success in any other room such as a living room, for example.

In the case of choosing marble as the only material for our interior, it is the decorative elements that will help us to give that point of colour that provides personality as well as dynamism. In this case, we can opt for textiles, furniture and other decorative objects in the same range of colours as the marble we have chosen.

  • Combinations for contrasting interiors

If there is a marble look that is both surprising and classic at the same time, it is the combination of black and white. This contrast, which we have seen for centuries in decoration, is more than current when we see it, for example in contemporary kitchens or bathrooms.

If, instead of black, we are looking for another colour to give life to the white, we can opt for dark greys or an intense green.

Wood can also provide us with great contrasts, as long as we opt for much lighter or darker wood tones than our initial marble, although dark wood and light marble will be one of the winning options for any room.

If we are looking for contrast, metal is also a perfect material to combine with marble, as it gives that avant-garde and sophisticated touch that many people look for when choosing stone as the main material for their home or project. Gold, bronze or silver are ideal options to create contrast with marble and are suitable for furniture, decorative objects and taps.

The capacity to combine marble is almost infinite, it is our intention that will mark how we should do it.

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