How to clean tiles for the first time in 5 steps

How to clean tiles for the first time in 5 steps.

Planning and cleaning in stages make the first cleaning of our ceramic tiles a success

When the renovation work in our home or business is finally finished, one of the biggest headaches comes: cleaning everything for the first time. Although many people opt for a specialised company, carrying out the first cleaning of the tiles is easy if you follow these five steps.

  1. Prepare the cleaning. You should be clear about the surface you are going to clean and what state it is in after the restoration work.

    Tidying up a recently renovated small bathroom and kitchen will always be easier than starting to clean a newly built house. It is also the perfect time to see what state it is in and plan what you need if there are remains of building work, grout, dust…

  2. Prepare the material. It is most likely that you will not need specific products or large equipment to carry out the initial cleaning.

    It is important that you take into account this initial observation to prepare the material, as you may need scrapers to remove the remains of the construction work, gloves or specific products to remove the remains of cement.

    Otherwise, prepare plenty of cloths, clean water, neutral soap and your usual cleaning products.

  3. Start by removing the dust. If you don’t remove the dust properly, instead of cleaning the tiles, you will be spreading the dirt all over the surfaces.

    You can do this with a powerful hoover or with damp cloths that you constantly change or wash. Depending on the state of the work, you may need to dust a couple of times before removing it completely.

  4. Cleaning with neutral soap. If we already have our space free of dust and it is relatively clean, it is time to clean it with a neutral soap.

    We should remove the soap residue with a damp cloth and plenty of clean water for a perfect result. Optionally, we can use a third cloth to dry the surface in order to avoid drying marks.

  5. Remains of grout. If there are any remains of the material used to grout the tiles, it is time to remove them with a specific product for cleaning cement.

    Depending on the thickness, you may need to use a scraper or a slightly sturdier cloth to remove all traces of cement.

Once these steps have been taken, the floor or wall tile will be ready for conventional use and maintenance. From then on, you can clean it with the usual cleaning products used in your home or business.

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